How To Get the Justin Bieber Haircut! Guide to get the Bieber Hairstyle!

How To Get the Justin Bieber Haircut! Guide to get the Bieber Hairstyle!
Justin Bieber is the only artist to have seven songs from a debut album on the Billboard hot 100 list. In 2011 he won the best new artist at the Billboard awards. He also won the best artist of the year at the American Music Awards 2011 among with many other awards.

Ever since his first apperances Justin Bieber have been all over the place. The girls want to have him and the boys want to look like him. Many teenage boys thesedays want to know how to get the Justin Bieber haircut. Justin Biebers haircut have influences many of fashion and style trends in the recent years. His hairstyle works for almost everybody and is easy to achieve and maintain, compared to many other Hollywood haircuts.
How To Get the Justin Bieber Haircut! Guide to get the Bieber Hairstyle!

A pieces of Justin Biebers hair way sold on Ebay for a whopping $40,668. The entire sum was donated to an animal rescue orgainzation. If you use the guide below you might sell your hair for the same amounts, ahum, just kidding.

The Justin Bieber Haircut

You can find similarities of the Justin Bieber haircut and the haircuts of the boys from Beatles. The fact that he doesnt follow the last years trend of spiky and cool haircuts adds to his charm and cuteness and makes him even more unique.

The best way to get the Justin Bieber haircut would of course be to visit a professional stylist. But that might be a bit expensive in the long run so have put together a guide to show you how it can be done at home.

Guide to get the Justin Bieber Haircut!

1. Grow your hair until the front hair cover your forehead. A few of the strands shall be long enough to hang infront of your eyes to really get that Bieber

2. The first thing you have to do is to get some good shampoo and conditioner. I recommed Paul Mitchell Tea Tree Shampoo and Conditioner. I used this every day for a period and it really makes the hair soft and easy to work with. You will also need some conditioning balm like Sally´s super skinny serum and some sort of Biosilk.

3. Take a shower and towel dry your hair lightly and when you´re done put a small amount of conditioning balm in your hair.

4. Blow dry your hair and brush it at the same time at the direction you want to swipe your hair.

5. When the hair is dry, put some Biosilk in it to make it silky smooth and strong.

6. Finish blow drying and then flat iron it to make it nice and straight.

Products needed for the Justin Bieber Haircut

Products needed: shampoo, conditioner, biosilk, conditioning balm, hair dryer and a flat iron. All these products might not be needed depending on how your hair is to begin with.

Good luck with your new Justin Bieber haircuts and be sure to comment if you have any questions!
Title: How To Get the Justin Bieber Haircut! Guide to get the Bieber Hairstyle!
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