Justin Bieber Swears On New Single 'Boyfriend'

Justin Bieber Swears On New Single 'Boyfriend' - Justin Bieber has been talking lots within the press of growing up on his new material, the star recently turning eighteen and realising that he cannot be a children favorite forever.

Well he is definitely trying to lift the common age who'll be allowed to concentrate to his music judging by a quick ten second trailer he previewed of his forthcoming single 'Boyfriend' on YouTube, with the squeaky clean performer as well as a swear word in his lyrics!

Justin Bieber Swears On New Single 'Boyfriend'
Bieber let his fans grasp on - where else - Twitter that he was able to preview his forthcoming track, asking them "u wanna hear how Boyfriend starts?"

They did, obviously, and therefore Bieber posted a ten second YouTube clip that showed him at his pc finding out a combination, testing headphones and dealing on his lyrics while one electronic note loops and a snare and bass drum kick in at the top.

That sounds grown up in itself, however pause to the section where he is acting on his lyrics and you may spot a line that reads "If i used to be your boyfriend, never allow you to go, place you onto s**t that I bet you did not grasp." we tend to marvel if this has been subtly included within the footage by his management to point his newly adult aiming material, or whether or not he is snuck this one past them.
Title: Justin Bieber Swears On New Single 'Boyfriend'
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