Selena Gomez Shoots Gun, On Set of 'The Getaway' Hopefully

Selena Gomez joined the ranks of gun-toting ladies this week when she spent some time shooting a gun. Was it on the set of The Getaway? Actually it wasn't. Selena went shooting to blow off a little steam.

According to a report from Hollywood Life, Selena took a much deserved break and visited a nearby shooting range in Bulgaria.

"Released some stress today," Selena tweeted, along with a photo someone took of her at the shooting range.

Selena Gomez Shoots Gun, On Set of 'The Getaway' HopefullyNow don't forget that Selena originally hailed from Texas. She may have been a gun-toting cowgirl long before she was a movie star!

Sources say she probably is doing some shooting in The Getaway, the movie she's filming with Ethan Hawke while in Bulgaria. However, shooting at a range, in a safe and controlled environment, is a great way to burn off some steam and have a little fun.

There are far worse things Selena Gomez could do to relieve stress. Since she's not the type to turn to drugs or alcohol, this sounds like a perfectly healthy way to do so.

Justin Bieber had better watch out! Sources say Selena Gomez is a pretty good shot!
Title: Selena Gomez Shoots Gun, On Set of 'The Getaway' Hopefully
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