Ariana Grande Dumps Jai Brooks For Justin Bieber, He Told Her ‘She’s The One’!!

Ariana Grande Dumps Jai Brooks For Justin Bieber, He Told Her ‘She’s The One’!!
Ariana Grande has split from her boyfriend Jai Brooks because she wants to start seeing Justin Bieber, it has been reported.

The singer, who had an on-again, off-again relationship with her ex-boyfriend, has grown strong feelings for Justin ever since he gave her a kiss on the cheek at a recent concert show.

Justin didn’t know Ariana Grande was in a relationship, so he didn’t hesitate to get her phone number which she did pass over to him, but she probably didn’t think there was anything wrong with exchanging numbers.

Well, days after their meet-up at Justin’s concert backstage, the two started texting and calling each other late at night. Ariana still hadn’t told Justin Bieber she had a boyfriend, and almost led him on to believe that she was single the whole time.

Their “friendship” grew the more they spoke to each other on the phone, a source said before Justin and Ariana eventually met up again at his Calabasas home last week.

It’s being strongly being suggested that Ariana Grande ended her relationship with Jai Brooks because she’s grown stronger feelings for Justin who she has been spending a lot of time with, but nothing has been made official just yet.

A source said:

“Ariana and Justin have grown extremely close in recent weeks. She’s been to his house a few times now and because she’s spending more time with JB than with Jai, she only felt like it was appropriate to end that relationship. Justin told her via text that he’d love to take her on a date because he feels like they have a deep connection between each other, adding that she may be ‘the one’.
She’s been supporting Justin on his North American Believe tour since early August, so these two have probably spending A LOT of time with each other.

Jai must be devastated by this – or maybe not. He has split from Ariana four time in the last year, so their romance probably wasn’t anything serious to begin with, but still – she’s leaving you for Justin Bieber. That’s gotta hurt, right?

Wonder how Selena Gomez will react to the news, after last week’s report that she allegedly leaked Justin Bieber’s naked photos over his kiss on the cheek to Grande.

The former Disney star may not be together with Bieber anymore but she still cares for him so to see him kiss another girl, it didn’t sit too well with her… clearly. Do y’all think that Ariana Grande and Justin Bieber make a cute couple or will this just be a short fling?

We’ll further update you if anything develops…

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Title: Ariana Grande Dumps Jai Brooks For Justin Bieber, He Told Her ‘She’s The One’!!
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