On Twitter, Beyoncé can spell, Justin Bieber kant

On Twitter, Beyoncé can spell, Justin Bieber kant
In Twitter's music realm, Beyoncé wins the spelling bee. The worst, grammatically tweeting? DJ Pauly D, along with Snoop Dogg, Justin Bieber and Nicki Minaj.

Grammarly, a writing enhancement app, looked at 100 musicians on Twitter and asked proofreaders to examine their most recent 25 tweets for spelling and grammar errors.

Not surprisingly, nobody got an A+, but then again, a degree in the new more better English ain't never been a prerequisite for pop music success.

The findings:

Male musicians make about 15.7 writing errors on Twitter, compared to the 14.2 made by their female counterparts. Men on average are better spellers (2.6 mistakes) than women (3.1 mistakes).

On Twitter, Beyoncé can spell, Justin Bieber kant
Older musicians make the fewest writing mistakes. Those in their 50s make 6.5 errors per 100 words while teens make 17.9. Musicians in their 40s are disproportionately poor spellers.

Hip-hop artists make the most writing mistakes (18.4), followed by R&B artists (15.4). Latin musicians make the fewest (6.3), followed by pop stars (10).

The best spellers? Rockers, with .8 errors per 100 words. The worst are rappers with 4.1 errors.

Hip-hop stars are the worst at grammar (14.3 mistakes per 100 words), followed by country artists (12.1). Latin performers are the best (5.4).

Musicians on Twitter who scored highest in spelling and grammar:

• Beyoncé Knowles (2.1 mistakes)

• Coldplay (2.8 mistakes)

• Maroon 5 (3.5 mistakes)

• One Direction (3.5 mistakes)

• Daddy Yankee (3.6 mistakes)

• Kelly Rowland (3.7 mistakes)

• LMFAO (3.9 mistakes)

• Jonas Brothers (4.6 mistakes)

• Jessica Simpson (5.2 mistakes)

• Ludacris (5.4 mistakes)

Musicians on Twitter who scored lowest in spelling and grammar:

• DJ Pauly D (55.6 mistakes)

• Snoop Dogg (35.8 mistakes)

• Ciara (34.3 mistakes)

• J. Cole (34.1 mistakes)

• Nicki Minaj (33.7 mistakes)

• Justin Bieber (29.5 mistakes)

• Cheryl Cole (29.1 mistakes)

• Jaden Smith (26.4 mistakes)

• Jason Derulo (26.4 mistakes)

• Larry Fisherman (24.4 mistakes)
Title: On Twitter, Beyoncé can spell, Justin Bieber kant
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