Why is Justin Bieber Famous

Why is Justin Bieber Famous
Did you know that Justin Bieber has a net worth of $85 million? His estimated earnings per year are around $30 million, and they're only going up. That's more than I can dream of making in like 10 lifetimes. In fact, that's more than girlfriend Selena Gomez, Drake, and dozens of other artists out there. This kid is living the dream, he has all them money he needs, all the girls he could possibly ask for, and is actually pretty damn talented. Yes I said it, he's talented. I dislike him just as much as the next person, but I actually like him just as much as the next person as well. I dislike him because I'm jealous, and I'm sorry, but that's partly the reason everyone else hates him too. You hate him because you can't be in his shoes, and it's only natural, I mean who wouldn't want all the material wealth in the world? I like him because he has some pretty catchy songs, I mean come on Baby and Somebody To Love how do they not get stuck in your head?

So why is this kid famous again?

Kids and their parents. By kids I don't just mean little girls (though that is the majority of the fanbase) I mean everyone. Justin Bieber is like the Backstreet Boys or N SYNC of the last generation, he appeals to the mass pre-teen and teen market. As for parents, Justin Bieber is a god-send. Seriously, in the music world of today, what major artists would parents find appropriate for children? Turn on any top 40 station and the songs are all about sex, alcohol, and everything inbetween. Gone are the times when mainstream music was actually mildly decent. And by mildly, I mean my generations music wasn't any better. Back in the 90's though songs were just a little more subtle about their sexuality. Now it's all what you see what you get.

Anyways, outside of Disney, parents really couldn't find anything appropriate for their children. There's Jonas Brothers and Selena Gomez, and a handful of others who are so expendable I can't be bothered to remember. Selena Gomez is well... her songs aren't really that appealing to teenagers. They're not that catchy, and in fact they're kind of boring. She appeals a bit more to an older crowd than most Disney artists, which is pretty good in that she a has fairly mature persona, but it didn't really do good for her in terms of music. Jonas Brothers are simply John Mayer in the making. They have a few good songs, but nothing I can really say that went viral with the kids.

Oh snap, did I forget Hannah Montana AKA Miley Cyrus AKA that trailer trash bimbo dancing on a pick-up truck in short-shorts!? Fine, she was a pretty good teen idol while it lasted. She was huge. She had a high rated TV show going for herself, and since the TV show was linked to music it meant double the success for her! She was on top, probably could have been the biggest teen sensation of the generation. Alas, she had to screw it up. Don't know what I mean? Just watch this:

Justin Bieber owes his success to Miley Cyrus

No more sweet and innocent little pop princess, she's all grown up! At the tender age of 16, Miley Cyrus, her manager, or some other really stupid person decided that it was time for Miley to come out of her shell. Yes, at the peak of her success, let's segregate her fan base and target her towards an audience that can't stand her. How could this genius plan have not worked? I don't know why they thought this would be a good plan, statistics have shown that record sales have dropped drastically in the past after pop girls shed their good girl image (i.e. Britney Spears, Christina Aguilera). While Britney transitioned into adulthood fairly swiftly, Miley kind of just came out of nowhere. One second she's singing about climbing to reach her dream, and the next she's partying in the USA and telling the world how she can't be tamed. To add insult to injury, her TV show was ending soon too. Damn, with that kind of management I'm surprised she lasted as long as she did. Oh well, she made way for someone new that we can all hate (or love to hate).
Why is Justin Bieber Famous

Justin Bieber coincidentally came out with his debut single One Time around the same time Miley shattered her career. Parents were at a loss for who they would choose as their child's new role model. Little girls didn't have anyone to go crazy over. Boys, well I'm assuming Hannah Montana also appealed to them since anything by Disney is scientifically designed to brainwash kids; but I'm sure they wanted a cooler pop idol anyway. Well, Justin Bieber came along and mopped the floor of Miley's remains.

Mastermind Usher was behind this project, which was surprisingly not in any way affiliated with Disney. And the icing on top is that Justin Bieber is Canadian, and everyone knows everything to ever come out of Canada is always going to be good. Usher literally decided to make Justin Bieber into a project, he constructed him. He gave him a signature hair-cut, sound, and style. Seriously, even though kids needed a new idol, it wouldn't have been possible without the rigorous marketing behind Justin Bieber. He is in fact a product of the media. They may as well have went around door-to-door asking kids what they like, put it in a blender, and out came Justin Bieber. He was bound for success.

Could anyone else have been the next Justin Bieber? To put it bluntly, yes. We all know that Justin Bieber is as expendable as any other blonde teenage pretty boy out there. But fact is that the kid has talent. Usher didn't just pick anyone up off the street, JB was discovered on Youtube. I don't even need to repeat it here because unless you've been living under a rock, everyone knows that had Usher not signed him, Justin Timberlake would have. That's pretty legit, two big wigs in the music industry "fighting" over Justin Bieber. Usher happened to play his cards right, and voila. Luckily, most male pop stars don't have a tendency to screw up their success by becoming sluts. Justin Bieber will probably go on to ride his wave of success for as long as he wants. Key words being wants, because the kid is in control. He has a movie for god's sake, I'm betting his Hollywood Walk of Fame is on its way too.

So yeah, to all the haters, it's cool, you're jealous and we understand; because we all are. You're not Justin Bieber so stop crying over it and just sing along to Baby, Baby, Baby, Ooooh.
Title: Why is Justin Bieber Famous
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