Why Justin’s Mom Doesn’t Like Selena (anymore)?

Justin Bieber's Mom
Have you felt in love and you want your relationship to succeed: you want his/hers friends and parents to like you. That is what Selena Gomez wants too. She wants the mother of her boyfriend, Justin Bieber, to like her. But how it seems, Pattie Mallette is not exactly delighted with the nineteen year old girlfriend of her son.

Justin Bieber's Mom and Selena Gomez

Why? When Sell just have begun the romance with Jus, it was all OK. Hollywood beauty and this 36 year old woman have always agreed. But Pattie avoids this actress and singer for few months now. For example, in June this year, when Jus and Sell were in visit to Justin’s born town, Stratford, Canada. His mother was in town, but she didn’t show up to welcome the young pair. Stupid, right?

But why? Obviously Pattie is jealous! Cause, before Justin started dating Selena, she was always on his first place. Now she is convinced that this beautiful girl from Texas has stolen him from her. She spends her free time with him, which Bieber’s mom can’t understand. She showed that on Teen Choice Awards, in August this year, when she showed up with Justin’s ex girlfriend, Caitlin Beadles. With that she “told” Selena: “I like his ex more than you!” What a stupid act! Like every mother, she should be happy for her son and his girlfriend.
Title: Why Justin’s Mom Doesn’t Like Selena (anymore)?
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